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It’s been one year! Un año! ONE FULL YEAR since I birth the idea of Your Natural Hairapist (YNH).  Let me take you back (lol). YNH was created on 08.13.17 (right after the 1st Black Therapist Rock conference) as platform to support black women in gaining confidence to overcome barriers attached to obtaining outward beauty.

So what can you expect in 2019? 

In the past year YNH has highlighted the beauty of being natural as well host  spaces to address psychosocial stressors that women face in their natural hair journey through a holistic lens.  In 2019 expect more opportunities to explore diet/ nutrition, personal style (SLAYYYY) and step-by-step guides to practically implement self care via online challenges, workshops, webinars and live events.

I am EXCITED for all that is to come!

Share below what you want to see happen in 2019 in the comments below.